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The future is IN OUR HANDS to create a better world for all humanity.

We are people of many life philosophies, serving the world together, and learning from one another.

Take a service break with "IN OUR HANDS"!

"IN OUR HANDS" offers a new twist in serving...an opportunity to make a difference in the world AT THE SAME TIME as friendship making, recreating, gaining a new perspective....this might just be for YOU! This may be the jump start for your new idea - bringing energy for the next turn in the road.


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See what people have had to say about their IN OUR HANDS adventure:

"I really enjoyed all of the speakers, they were wonderful role models....!"

"I LOVED spending time with the children - they were so accepting of total strangers"

"I thought this trip was educational and enlightening in so many ways"

"In some of the experiences I found joy and hope while others brought to life the great tragedy that still is unfolding at Pine Ridge"

"Each (of the visits) added something to my learning"

Reasons to plan a trip with IN OUR HANDS:

Consider sending two adults from your church or organization...

In Other News...

I was a guest on Episode 48 of “What’s Next for Women Podcast…conversations with Pamela Stone”. In this podcast,  I talked about the beginning of In Our Hands. The podcast is available on both Apple Podcast and Spotify. Click here to view the podcast.

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