The future is IN OUR HANDS to create a better world for all humanity.

We are people of many life philosophies, serving the world together, and learning from one another.


"IN OUR HANDS" Workshops

In addition to service trips, In Our Hands also hosts "Creating Your Vision" workshops to help people realize their dreams via a vision board.

Do you have...
  • A dream that wants to live?
  • A business you’ve wanted to start?
  • Artwork that awaits completion?
  • Projects that long for your attention?
Most of us never make the time to visualize our dreams – we let our busy, distracted lives keep us unfocused.

We’d like to help you change that. 

Come and join your friends in a full-day immersion to focus on your dream, your ideal outcomes, and your heart’s desires! This will be an AMAZING DAY of discovery, community-building, and listening to our deepest hearts. Together, we will listen to our deepest hearts, create a VISION BOARD, and take the NEXT STEPS to making the dream a reality!

Open to those NEW to Vision Boards or those who need new ideas and clarity for the future.

Dates and Locations:

We currently don't have any Creating Your Vision workshops scheduled, but if you are interested in either attending or possibly co-hosting a workshop with In Our Hands, contact Joanne today!

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